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You’ve probably noticed that online headshops are popping up everywhere and wondered why, as in why would you shop at an online headshop at all when there’s one down the street. That’s a fair question. Many towns have their own local headshops that many smokers are partial to. However, don’t count out online headshops just yet—at least not until you get to know them a little better.

What is an online headshop?

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An online headshop is the virtual equivalent of a brick and mortar headshop. You get the same types of products; however, because of less physical restrictions, there’s going to inherently be more variety, so if you’re looking for something special, an online headshop is a good place to start.

The benefits of shopping at an online headshop

Obviously, variety is a big benefit to shopping at an online headshop, as we just mentioned, which is why it’s important to expand on that a little.

Local headshops are limited by a few things:

  • The physical space they have in their shop and store room
  • What they have sold
  • What they have not sold

These factor heavily into what inventory they can and can’t carry in their physical stores. If certain products aren’t moving, they can’t bring in newer, cooler stuff without losing a lot of money, which means that in brick and mortar headshops that don’t get a lot of traffic, you aren’t really going to get the latest and greatest products that are on the market today.

Online headshops simply don’t have these inventory issues. Because they naturally get a lot more traffic than most local headshops, they don’t have to worry as much about not moving products, because the larger customer flow means a broader range of customers with a broader range of tastes and wants and likes, which means less products left unsold. They also don’t have to worry about physical space the way local headshops do either, which further mitigates the whole inventory issue.

Because of these reasons, online headshops are able to carry a wider range of products as well as bring in the newest issues that you aren’t likely to find at your local headshops. Some online headshops may also have direct partnerships with artisan crafters so they stay up to date on the freshest products.

Online reviews are another benefit to online stores in general that are often overlooked you can find reviews of Sky High Smoke Shop on their Facebook page. People are often wary of good reviews, because they think they’re being bought, so let’s take a moment to consider not-so-good reviews. People on the internet are very vocal about what they don’t like. Because of this, you can be quite certain that if a product is reviewed less than favorably, it’s likely one to steer clear of. If you see negative reviews that seem legit, you dodge a metaphorical bullet, right? But that’s an advantage you don’t have in a brick and mortar store; if a salesperson really needs that sale, they will sell you something that is sub-par just to make that buck, which is why online reviews are definitely a useful tool that shouldn’t be overlooked, but often are.

Another great thing about online headshops are the discounts. Because they’re running on a bigger scale, they’re able to put much larger portions of their inventory on sale. If you’re on a budget, this is definitely to your benefit, because expensive pieces that may never be on sale at a brick and mortar can be found on sale at an online headshop. Likewise, online headshops often have random sales and discount codes just like any other online retailers that can give you additional savings, even on new products, which is why shopping online can ultimately be the more frugal choice, even if you were to pay shipping and handling.

The finer points of pipes and rigs, etc., cannot be discounted either. When you shop at a local headshop, unless you’re talking to a true expert, they’re not going to know where it was manufactured, who made it or what materials it’s made from. Online headshops typically display this information on the product page so customers can be sure that they’re getting a product that is of the quality that they desire. Savvy customers already know what they’re looking for, but unless you know the product details in full, you can’t be sure that the product you’re looking at meets your standards, which is perhaps ultimately the best reason to shop at an online headshop: You can see exactly what you’re getting.