What’s So Important About An A/C Preventative Maintenance Check?

It’s that time of the year again and while you’re busy getting the swimming pool ready, planning family gatherings and holiday events, do not forget about your air conditioning unit. It’s been awhile since the unit was turned on. Is it still ready to keep your Conroe home comfy and cool? Don’t assume that all is well because it was good last year. It is important to schedule annual inspection and preventive maintenance to be sure that your A/C is ready to cool the home this summer. This preventative maintenance check reduces worry and the need for ac repair conroe and of course, saves a ton of cash, too.

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When you hire a professional to come out to provide a preventative maintenance check, they’ll come out and inspect the unit inside and out to make sure that nothing is worn out, broken, damaged, or otherwise improperly working. Professionals who inspect the air conditioning unit will look at the coils, the contacts and blow out the condenser. They’ll test the amperage on the fan motor and the compressor, and the evaporator coils. Next, they’ll blow out the condensate drain and make sure the A/C is operating efficiently by switching the unit on for a few minutes.

Every HVAC homeowner needs this annual system check, regardless of the brand unit they use or the age of that unit. If any damages are found, repairs can be made with your permission right then and there. The end result is a properly working A/C unit that’s ready to provide the cool comforts you want and deserve during the summer months in Conroe. You’ll keep the repairman away and prolong the life expectancy of the unit in the process. Does it really get any better?