lawn repair pittsburgh pa

Most homeowners want the exterior of their home to be impressionable and add value to the neighborhood. They understand that the outside of the home is just as appealing as the inside and since other people see the exterior, even more important to ensure looks good. Sadly, many people also find lawn care difficult because so many obstacles are put there to stand in the way of proper lawn care. Exactly what are the major causes of lawn damage?

Dog Urine

Fido may be man’s best friend, but it’s another story when it comes to the lawn. Dog urine quickly kills the grass. If it is not cleaned, you’ll notice the grass turns brown and dull within a short time. But, how does one clean dog urine? Simply watering the lawn will help remove the urine from the blades of the grass.


lawn repair pittsburgh pa

As you probably imagine, the weather is devastating to the health of your grass. It is the sun that oftentimes causes problems for the health and vitality of the grass. The only thing that you can do is protect your lawn. Call professionals if there is a need for lawn repair pittsburgh pa and make sure that preventative maintenance is a service includes on the to do list.

Improperly Cutting the Grass

Something as seemingly minor as cutting the grass can be damaging if you do not choose the right blade length, attempt to cut the grass when it is wet or moist, or if other mishaps occur. Make sure you hire a professional to cut the grass to avoid these risks. They know how to take care of your lawn!

Chemical Spills

Pesticides, fertilizer, spilled oils, and gasoline are among the various chemicals that can seep into the grass and cause damage. It is important to keep these items away from the grass to prevent risks and worry.

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