bathroom refinishing washington dc

When it comes to selling a house the bathroom is every bit as important as the kitchen. Even if you are not trying to sell your house the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the entire house, by everyone who lives there.

But doing a bathroom replacement, like doing the kitchen is a big job and can take vast amounts of money. Perhaps worse than that is that ripping out the fixtures can turn a large job into a huge one, especially when it comes down to plumbing.

bathroom refinishing washington dc

One way to get around the more difficult elements of the problem is go somewhere between the total ripping of everything out and to have a bathroom refinishing washington dc.

The most fundamental element about this is that the bathtub is neither moved nor replaced. The existing plumbing is used to minimize the costs involved and basically, the old bath is covered with a new shell, called a bathtub liner which brings the entire thing up to date and looking 1,000 percent prettier.

Baths are often surrounded by tiled areas and removing these can also be a pain and expensive. Like the bathtub liner, you can also get a wall surround which is placed over the top of the existing tiling and walls. It can go all the way up to the ceiling if you like. The effect is a complete makeover for the area with the bathtub becoming a newly renovated core to the room.

Adding a new basin and toilet are small tasks compared with the huge job of the bath – and so finishing the room with new fixtures will give you a totally new bathroom but at a fraction of the cost.

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