Online Head Shop


You’ve probably noticed that online headshops are popping up everywhere and wondered why, as in why would you shop at an online headshop at all when there’s one down the street. That’s a fair question. Many towns have their own local headshops that many smokers are partial to. However, don’t count out online headshops just yet—at least not until you get to know them a little better.

What is an online headshop?

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An online headshop is the virtual equivalent of a brick and mortar headshop. You get the same types of products; however, because of less physical restrictions, there’s going to inherently be more variety, so if you’re looking for something special, an online headshop is a good place to start.

The benefits of shopping at an online headshop

Obviously, variety is a big benefit to shopping at an online headshop, as we just mentioned, which is why it’s important to expand on that a little.

Local headshops are limited by a few things:

  • The physical space they have in their shop and store room
  • What they have sold
  • What they have not sold

These factor heavily into what inventory they can and can’t carry in their physical stores. If certain products aren’t moving, they can’t bring in newer, cooler stuff without losing a lot of money, which means that in brick read more

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